Toyota 86


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The Toyota 86 is a series of grand tourer sports coupés jointly developed by Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota and Subaru. They feature a boxer engine,front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and 2+2 seating.

It encompasses agility, pace and exhilaration – all under one hood. In short, it is truly extraordinary. The new Toyota 86 knows exactly how to electrify and excite. A powerhouse of throttle and torque where every turn of the wheel and push of the pedal delivers the ultimate driving thrill.

The 86 comes from a long line of pedigree sports cars that Toyota is very proud of.

With a chassis and unique styling aimed only to complement the 1 257kg lightweight body and deliver exceptional power, the Toyota 86 has been designed with a purpose to serve.

Achieving an optimum power-to-weight ratio through carefully balancing the engine size and power against the car's weight, the new Toyota 86 delivers a gritty feel while providing the driver with full control over the pedal, and ultimate freedom in the corners.

Speak to your Toyota dealer about a test drive. Get it today and feel like a King of the Road.

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