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 About Southern Toyota

Southern Toyota history & background:

Lenasia is a large Indian township south of Soweto in Gauteng Province, South Africa. It has now become part of the City of Johannesburg. Lenasia is approximately 35 kilometres south of the Johannesburg central business district and 45 kilometres south of the sandton central business district.

In the entrance of Lenasia is where you will find Southern Toyota- Trade Route Mall. A business that started as just a vision and dreams of one man, Yousuf Ravat made his dreams a reality when he opened the doors to Southern Toyota in the year 1981. A business that started off with just six people has now grown into a large dealership with over 50 people who strive to make it the successes it has become today. Not only has our new vehicles made a name for itself, so has our Automark division , which started in the year 2006 in now recognised as one of the nation best performing dealers.

Over the past 28years we’ve grown from a small dealership into a larger dealership. Southern Toyota is 100% black economic empowerment (BEE) owned. Throughout its history, Southern Toyota has had an unrelenting dedicate to excellence in every avenue. We aim to ensure that all our customers, employees and suppliers are proud to be a part of the Southern Toyota family.

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Toyota philosophy

Toyota’s management philosophy has evolved from the company’s origins and has been reflected in the terms “Lean Manufacturing” and “Just in Time Product” which it was instrumental in developing. The Toyota way has four components:

  1. Long-term thinking as a basis for management decisions
  2. A process for problem solving
  3. Adding value to the organization by developing it’s people
  4. Recognizing that continuously solving root problems drives organizational learn

As part of the Toyota family, we at Southern Toyota have implemented the Toyota way to bring satisfaction to all our customers. This means that whether you’re purchasing a New Vehicle, a Pre-Owned Vehicle, Servicing your Vehicle or purchasing Toyota Genuine Parts, you can be assured of a superior quality product